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The Art of Street Racing

Life is better when it is lived in the fast lane which is why racing has earned a spotlight. There’s something about putting the pedal to the metal that makes people go nuts and it has gotten out of control. Street racing has a huge following despite it being a risky business. It has been part of America’s underground scene for so long that it could be considered as an ‘epidemic’. Illegal sreet racing is the big elephant in the room that contributes a percentage to the mortality rate in the US yet it is still making rounds. Los Angeles being one of the popular hotspots harboring illegal racing events. 

As proved by the Fast and the Furious franchise and the Need for Speed game series, society is naturally transfixed with cars, racing and everything in between. Pushing the speed limit is one way to make one’s adrenaline levels shoot through the roof that some people are willing to evade authorities just to experience the blood-rushing, heart-pumping feeling of driving a revved-up car. When racing is done illegally, the finish line is often not so victorious. Satisfying the need for speed sometimes comes with a price – human life.

Big screen or not, racing allures a lot of people. The screeching tires, clouds of dust, and the sweet sound of a roaring engine is a scene worthy of a blockbuster movie. Though in reality, the higher the speed, the higher the chances to bite the dust. Highly-modified stock cars are taken to the streets where the asphalt is smooth and in the best possible condition to go on full-throttle. This is usually organized in remote streets and roads in the middle of the night. The race streets will be also be closed up to elude attention, crowds and of course, police accompanied by a tow truck similar to this website. The phenomenon attracts a wide audience, and a lot are in their youth. Though some races occur spontaneously when a car prompts another to race to a stoplight or a stop sign. 

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What is a stock car?

Stock car racing has long been in the list of the world’s favorite recreational sports. Whether you are the one behind the wheel or one of those cheering from the stands, racing will always give anyone a rush of adrenaline. The star of the show is the racer with the primary tool of the trade: the stock car. Cars and racing enthusiasts will always recognize the stock car from the regular ones. It is easy to spots a race car from a mile away, with their sharp frames, elaborate body and colorful decals but it is so much more than its face value. While racing has gained worldwide popularity, a lot are still in the dark on what the term ‘stock car’ actually stands for.


In a nutshell, stock cars are the automobiles used for racing. It is essentially different from regular cars with the way they are built. Both will take you from point A to point B albeit stock cars will get you there a hundred times faster. Intending to rev up the car to boost speed levels, the engine, the tires, and everything from the hood to what’s under it is custom-built for the purpose of racing. Some cars get pushed too much and require a tow truck similar to this one www.towchesapeake.com This type of vehicles is driven around an oval track specially designed for. Stock cars are exclusively run in these circuits. It will only be permitted to be run on public roads on the condition that it abides by the street-legal requirements such as lights, signals, and mirrors.

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The Evolution of Street Racing

Written by: wruffato

Street racing has been an exciting yet dangerous pastime since before cars were invented. It originally began with horses. People would get together in remote locations to bet on which person would win. Then when cars were invented, the event evolved. However, the max speed of the first car was only 10 MPH, while a horses top speed is 55 MPH. The driver could control the cars a little better than the horses. Racing built up adrenaline as well as one could make a quick buck.

Beginning of Street Racing

While the first car was invented around 1886, racing automobiles on the street did not begin until the 1930s. The average speed of a regular vehicle in the ’30s was around 50 MPH. But if you bought a top end car, they came in at about 90 MPH. Many people would stock their cars with v8s or 12 cylinders to get a higher speed per mile.

As street racing has always been illegal, one would have to find a location up in the hills, or on a back country road in El Paso. Also, planning for the race was a challenge. Sometimes a group of buddies would decide on the spot to start a race, while other times it was a planned out event using a local towing company to transport their moded cars.

It was the 1950’s when street racing became popular. Guys would soup up their cars for maximum performance. California was the capital of the street racing boom. Car clubs began in this era. They would perform community services during the day and race at night. The police began cracking down on this dangerous pastime, and eventually, they had to move underground.

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The New Vado Speedway Park

Most of the time we are subjected to the news that a short track facility is being closed down, demolished or being turned to something else, entirely different for a facility that is intended to hold motorsport and racing events. Additionally, there are some cases of tracks that have been completely abandoned. However, there are rare occasions when a new facility is proposed and built. Vado Speedway Park is a new motorsport and racing facility that is currently being constructed in the town of Vado in New Mexico. The Motorsport Park is to be constructed on a 127 acres piece of land that is between Las Cruces and El Paso. The park is scheduled to open around March. It will consist of a motor cross course, go-karting tracks, BMX racing and a 3/8- mile clay oval. According to business tycoon and owner of the southern Mexico Speedway, Royal Jones, the facility will be operational by the time the 2018 season starts.

Upcoming events

The officials that are responsible for running and the maintenance of the new Vado speedway park located in Vado have come up with a list of upcoming events for this reason. According to Rue stone, the general manager overseeing the operations at the new Vado speedway park, they have met with the team responsible for the construction and are in the process of opening the track. He added that they are receiving a lot of exposure from sponsors, sanctioning bodies and fans and are happy that the season is about to begin. There are a lot of scheduled upcoming events. For instance, American documents& dent works super trucks, Clayton Donnelly roofing claimers and Casa Nissan legends race 25 times in 2019. On the other hand, Rancho Milagros will have 24 nights. Additionally, rancho and the USMTS will highlight the annual short track shoot out, not to forget the openwheel madness. The following are the coming up events for the better part of March to April 12. March 28- it will be on a Thursday.

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