Ning Screwing Those They Encouraged to Create Free Ning Sites

Ning Pulling The Plug on Free Sites

NSS Racing and Mopar Drag Racing Ning Sites to Disappear in July and will be disappearing in July, as will be charging for their sites. It was all a set up to get people to spend a lot of time and energy developing sites — then telling them they want as much as $45 a month per site.


The ning sites were great because they allowed racers to have their personal blog — and really excelled at providing one place to list and check on racing events. I will be finding better ways to see that the same features are available on other non-ning sites.


This does not affect the non-ning sites listed below. Features will be added to them to cover for the loss of the ning sites.

Look to the above sites to add the features to pick up the slack as we'll be going "Cold Turkey" on Ning, and not paying for them playing Pusher Man.


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