NSS Racing In Houston

NSS Racing at the Lone Star Shootout

Killer Purse Opportunity as 100% Returned To The Drivers!


The NMCA/NMRA didn't initially schedule for Nostalgia Super Stock racing at their Lone Star Shootout scheduled Nov. 12-14 at Houston Raceway Park. After some discussions, NMCA/NMRA has agreed to allow us to prove our interest in NSS being part of future Shootouts by returning to NSS Drivers as a purse 100% of  money collected from NSS drivers (and specifically not their crews) as their purse. Here's how it works:

  • Although Time Trials, Qualifying, and Eliminations are scheduled for Saturday  and Sunday only, the track will be open for parking/tech on Friday. It is strongly suggested you take advantage of that.

  • Admission for Car & Driver is:

    • Friday – Sunday $105

    • Saturday – Sunday $85

  • All admission for car and driver in NSS goes into a purse pool. Since the event begins promptly at 8AM Saturday — it is a given that most all drivers will be arriving, setting up, and teching their car in Friday so they will not miss any qualifying rounds Saturday. Therefore we'll use the amount of $100 as a round number for the example below — but it will be 100% of money actually collected for NSS Drivers that will be returned as a purse.

  • It is thought that the track will have its own racing on Friday night — and drivers can buy a tech card from the track, but if your trailer, racecar, or Motorhome spends the night at the track on Friday (even if you do not) — you will be considered to have arrived the day your car/trailer did, and that will be the amount collected from you.

  • For 24 or less cars, 100% of the NSS driver's admission will be distributed 50% to the Winner, 25% to the Runner Up, and the other 25% to those who didn't advance out of the Semis (12.5% if two drivers and the whole 25% if there was only one because of a BYE.) For the sake of argument, say that there were 20 NSS Drivers paying a total $2000 for NSS Driver's admission, the Winner of the event receives $1000, the Runner Up receives $500, and the Loser(s) of the Semis split the other $500.

  • For 25 or more cars, the Winner would get 45%, the Runner Up would get 25%, the Semis split 15%, and the quarters split 15%. As an example — if 30 NSS cars showed and $3000 was collected — the Winner would get $1575, the Runner Up $875, the Semis split (1 or 2 drivers depending on BYE) $525, and the quarters (2, 3, or 4 drivers depending on BYE) split $525. More drivers — more money AS 100% of the DRIVER's ENTRIES GO TOWARD THE PURSE. If we were to get 50 cars — there would be some killer purses for 8 of the racers.

If you have any questions — post them on the NSS Forum and I'll get the answers.

Let's make this a big race and collect a big purse by encouraging all NSS Drivers to enter. NMCA NSS Rules apply — but this is not a points race.

The weather is most often perfect in Houston this time of year — and there's a lot to do in the area for those who come early and make a vacation out of it. Galveston Island, NASA, The Boardwalk, ….



Houston, Texas – November 12-14, 2010

Houston Raceway Park


Gates Open: Noon
NMCA\Bracket Test & Tune: 1:00pm – 5:00pm
NMCA Registration\Parking\Tech: 1:00pm – 5:00pm
Houston Raceway Parks AAA Safe Street Night: 6:00pm
Secure Track: Midnight


Gates Open: 9:00am
Car Show Registration Opens 9:00am
Bracket Time Trials: 9:15am
Heads-Up Qualifying Rd. #1: 10:30am
True Street Meeting: 11:00am
True Street Cruise: 11:30am
Bracket Eliminations Rd. #1: Noon
True Street Eliminations: 1:00pm
Heads-Up Qualifying Rd. #2: 2:30pm
Car Show Awards Presentations: 3:00pm
Heads-Up Qualifying Rd. #3: 4:30pm
Secure Track: 5:00pm


Gates Open: 9:00am
Car Show Registration Opens 9:00am
Bracket Time Trial: 10:00am
Pre-Race Ceremonies: 11:30am
Pro Heads-Up Eliminations Rd. #1: Noon
Lone Star True Street Shoot-Out Rd. #1: 12:15pm
Bracket Eliminations Rd. #1: 1:00pm
Burn-Out Contest: 3:00pm
Car Show Awards Presentations: 3:05pm
Car Show Parade of Champions: 3:45pm
Final Rounds All Eliminators: 4:00pm
Secure Track: 5:00pm

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