Getting Ready For Commerce

Rusty, chrome plated, Stamped Steel Dana cover was replaced with reinforced cast aluminum. Good thing as only about of quart of heavy weight came out. Gears looked good and added three quarts of 85/140. Also replaced the fuel filter element.

There has been a thud coming from under the passenger floor pan on launch, and when lifting after burnout or top of track. Suspect the headers and suspension were coming in contact. A little heat and a ball-pean hammer made the proper adjustment.

Since I bought the car, my oil gauge has been under the dash and I’ve not had a Volt gauge. I ordered a Volt gauge and a pod yesterday at about 2:30 from Summit Pro Shop, and was shocked that t arrived at 10:30 this morning. The oil pressure gauge was moved up to cowl and the Volt gauge filled its space under the dash.

She just needs to get washed up, loaded up, and we’ll be on the road a 5am next Wednesday morning – and hopefully in staging area by midnight.