Norwalk Sponsor Report

norwalk1Dave Schultz – August 27, 2013

This time last year I was in first place and all was going great. This year we’ve needed to have a sense of humor to keep our sanity. Actually Dallas is doing pretty good, but I’ve blown two engines and missed eliminations twice — but that’s just the beginning of what’s made this year interesting — and proving that some years you’re the windshield — and some years the bug. A very very expensive year for me.

Doug Duell has had quite the year — winning the first three races and runnered up at the Dave Duell Classic (named for his father). Since you only count four of six races in the NMCA Champion Chase this year — he’s got it all locked up. Many of the other Top Ten racers had pulled the plug on the season (tow of the top five were no shows) because of the cost and no chance to win — but Dallas and I had promised sponsors we’d make all of the races — plus we’d never raced in Norwalk before. Dallas also has a good chance for 2nd place for the year.

My wagon is still without a motor as I’m negotiating with a couple of new engine builders — so I was again relegated to the Vitamin C backup car. A very different car in a very different index — requiring a very different strategy as I’m most often being chased instead of chasing.

We spent Tuesday loading up the rig and making it ready, taking care of business for the week we’d be away from home; and pulled out of the shop Wednesday morning. While in Arkansas, Dallas (who was driving) noticed that one of the trailer tires didn’t look right and pulled to the side of the road. We’d gotten talked into buying 6 new Gladiator G Load-Rated trailer tires back in March — and have lost two of them since then. The photo below shows another Gladiator with the same sidewall bubble forming and popping issue.

norwalk2We changed the tire (a real pain in the ass on a loaded stacker on the side of the road!) and pressed on, spending the night in the parking lot at Walmart in Jackson, TN. In the morning we took the spare into the auto center and had then mount another tire we brought along. We usually have one mounted spare and one unmounted. On the road by 9:30Am and all was going well when just north of Nashville — boom! Another Gladiator blowout.

Norwalk3So we again change the tire on the side of the road in 100 temperature. Now we’re out of spares, so while Dallas is driving I’m working the phone trying to find three new Goodyear G614 to put on the left side, and eliminate the remaining two Gladiators and have a spare. I find three in Bowling Green — although they tell us they can’t mount them. A bird in the hand (they’re hard tires to find on the road) is better than two in the bush — so we head there. Two miles away — boom-boom go the remaining Gladiators. Before you think we must not check the tire pressure — I assure you the maximum is put in before we leave the shop every time. This isn’t our first rodeo.

Norwalk5So we pull into back lot of a Kroger, as it was the only place to get to, and I start working the phone to find a tire place that not only has the Goodyear G Rated and can mount on wheels — but will come and get us with three flat tires and return us with three new. I find such a place and we get to removing the tires. The process took damn near five hours in almost 100 degree heat. When done we each showered up and I drove while Dallas grabbed a nap. I turned the driving back over to him between Cincinnati and Columbus — and we got the to track’s staging area at about 2:30AM.

8AM we get to our pit and started setting it up, establishing credentials, and teching in the cars — while holding a pit spot for Doug Duell — who would be coming with a pickup and trailer on Saturday and staying with us.

Norwalk7We had two time trials on Friday afternoon and the first round of qualifying at 7PM. We generally set up the cars to be .02 seconds slow to make sure we get in — then use the next two Qualifying rounds to push the envelope for a #1 spot. I ran a 11.022 on a 11.0 and Dallas a 9.547 on a 9.50 and we had the third and fourth spots (25 cars) after the first round.

  1. 7026 b/nss randy stansbury ragley la 10.512 10.5 0.012
  2. 7025 e/nss 66 farilane ford 390 doug poskevich deland fl 12.02 12 0.02
  3. 7601 c/nss 63 savoy dave schultz richmond tx 11.022 11 0.022
  4. 7602 b/fx dodge 540 dallas schultz richmond tx 9.542 9.5 0.042
  5. 7681 c/nss 65 belvedere hemi 426 jeffrey hoblick flushing oh 11.083 11 0.083
  6. 7270 c/fx 64 savoy plym jeff millward columbia station oh 9.884 9.75 0.134
  7. 7295 c/nss 64 belvedere plym 426 john dinkel pinckney mi 11.357 11 0.357
  8. 7014 aaa/fx 68 barracuda plym 632 michael sanders brook in 11.165 8.75 2.415
  9. 7105 a/nss 36 dodge dodge 493 russ konkowski aurora oh 9.999 10 -0.001
  10. 7442 d/nss 65 olds 442 olds 400 jim clay delta oh 11.494 11.5 -0.006
  11. 7421 d/nss 63 tempest pont 421 gary beemer atica mi 11.491 11.5 -0.009
  12. 7464 c/fx 64 dodge 440 dodge 572 joe midile jr medina oh 9.724 9.75 -0.026
  13. 7534 b/fx 64 belvedere plym 426 doug wright waterford mi 9.463 9.5 -0.037
  14. 7017 b/nss 63 polara dodge 426 joe ewing evansville in 10.419 10.5 -0.081
  15. 7251 aaa/fx 65 chevelle chev 477 bill white demotte in 8.665 8.75 -0.085
  16. 7022 b/nss 64 thunderbolt ford 427 skip koester columbia station oh 10.386 10.5 -0.114
  17. 2 a/fx 65 comet merc 517 kurt neighbor twinsburg oh 9.131 9.25 -0.119
  18. 7437 b/nss 64 savoy plym 437 frank nadvit grafton oh 10.349 10.5 -0.151

Norwalk is one of the nicest tracks in the country. It has the reputation as being the most racer friendly, and it is as good as any I’ve ever been at. While our NSS class was able to ultimately muster 25 racers because of so many living in the area — the rest of the classes had a real light showing. About half the car count than what was expected. I’m sure it is a combination of the cost of diesel, lack of sponsor help, and run-aways in most of the car classes are the reason. We did twice over the weekend take advantage of the $1 pound ice cream they’re famous for.

Norwalk6On Friday night I had Dallas change the shift light points in my tach to adjust for the weather expected Saturday. We adjusted the weight in both cars and Dallas was able to run a 9.507 — but my car didn’t act right in both the burnout and started to sound weird and breakup at 4500 RPM so I immediately lifted and pulled to side while looking in the mirror. When I saw that I wasn’t oiling it down I drove off the track at 55.

Back in the pits we poured all over the car — finding absolutely nothing. I took it for a fast drive — although not able to get close to the RPM it was screwing up. We thought maybe a convertor issue and I decided that I’d have to run it until it broke so we could figure out what the issue was. Since Dallas had the #2 spot with a .007 we decided to push the envelope on his and he broke out with a 9.497. I was able to determined that my problem was the tach was reading wrong by a lot — almost double. In the previous round I’d hit the red line but the tach had said 4500. Same happened in the last Qualifying so I shifted to third by ear for a 11.202. I thought the tach must have been configured to 4cyl — but that wasn’t it. We don’t carry a spare tach and couldn’t find a tach or shift light before the first round of eliminations at 9AM Sunday. I set the car up based on my Friday run and shifted by ear. I ran the exact number I was set up for — but was -.007 red on the tree. The guy I ran had the run of his life with a .017 light and a 11.002 ET — so I would have lost anyway. Dallas was also a first round runner up. He’d been cutting great lights all weekend, but was just a tad slower than the other guy — and brokeout with a 9.497.

We were on the road at 1PM. The plan was to drive the 1350 miles straight — but at 2:30AM — BOOM!

Norwalk8This one was by far the biggest PITA as it was up against the guardrail on a steep incline. We had to jack it up 5-6 times and use jackstands to move the jack around to get the spare on. When done we headed to Walmart in North Little Rock for the night — as we were whipped and needed another spare.

We slept until 8, showered, and then headed to a truck stop. While I was in the tire shop waiting in line to talk to someone — Dallas weighed the truck and trailer to see if being overweight was blowing the tires. The trailer (triple 7,000 axles) is rated for 21,000 pounds and I figured we we’re around there.

weight1He came back with a slip saying the trailer weighed 35,300 pounds. I couldn’t believe it! I asked Dallas if he was sure he was on the scales right — and he assured me that he was.

So we get another tire mounted and I’m driving and it keeps bothering me that the trailer weighs so much. We have two cars – and the backup car is all metal/glass and very heavy; golf cart and big tool chest; and a spare transmission plus 9 crates of spare parts — but still can’t buy 35,000 pounds. I’m thinking I’m going to have to sell my trailer and get and heavier one — plus move parts to motorhome and leave stuff home; then I decide to pull into a Flying J for a second opinion.

weight2I’ll assume Dallas didn’t do it right and I’m real glad I went for a second opinion. I’ve ordered 8 new 17.5″ forged wheels and H-rated/75MPH rated Goodyears for (ugh!) $6,200. That will increase the load from 3,750 per tire to 4,500 per tire.

We finally got home Monday night. The truck’s dash A/C crapped out, so it was windows down, and to cap off the weekend — and piece of artwork shipped to me was left outside the shop by UPS and it was ruined from rain.

Yup — sometime you’re the bug, and sometimes the windshield. You just wake up in the morning and realized you survived the drama from the day before — and that life is just a bungee cord of ups and downs. The light at the end of the tunnel is that Dallas will have second place if he can go one round more than the Michael Sanders– who won the Norwalk race. If not — he should have third unless someone runs away with the 1.5X’s points for Indy.

Sponsor Report – 2013 NHRA Hot Rod Reunion


Dave Schultz
June 17, 2013

The Hot Rod Reunion is a NHRA Musuem benefit by “Invitation (Limited to 300 cars) Only” in Bowling Green, KY the Thursday (arrive Wednesday) through Saturday before Father’s Day. While it is packed full of racing, the shear number of cars and exhibitions, plus a huge car show makes it more of a Social Event than a race. Indeed, in three days we got one Time Trial and one Qualifying on Thursday, and 1 Qualifying on Friday – before eliminations began on Saturday.

The Schultz team (Dallas, Hope, Dave & three dogs) left the shop at 9AM Tuesday. At 1pm the Motorhome’s generator turned off. When it was turned back on — it would run but not provide electricity. A rest area diagnosis found that the relay box that switches between shore power and generator had caught fire from a short. We also observed that one of the six 14-ply new (bought on the way to Bradenton in March) trailer tires had a golf ball size bubble in the side wall.

1004426_4938988028253_1324986155_n 1001646_4938954067404_1656671961_n

969056_4938973427888_1259031953_nTwo hours later and $600 lighter, the relay box was replaced and we were back on the road. We decided not to change the tire yet — but to watch it closely.

We arrived at the Walmart in Jackson, TN (our typical I-40 overnight stop for us) at midnight. Back on the road at 9AM Wednesday, and we arrived at the track to set up pits and tech cars in at 1PM. These tech guys put the cars and equipment under a microscope — and I had to get a new pair of gloves because of a 1/2″ rip at a seam in the palm.

981259_425013150929904_1832257875_oNostalgia Drag World posted the above photo on their site, saying: It wouldn’t be a hot rod reunion without the ‘Texas Whale’ owned and driven by Dave Schultz. A crowd favorite with those launches. At Bowling Green, KY. — with Dave Schultz.

Thursday we ran the cars in a Time Trial at 10:30 through a 40MPH head wind. We thought we’d get two Time Trials — but they canceled the second. At 1:30PM we got a no notice call to the lanes for the 1st round Qualifying. It was expected after 3PM.

HRR2013Friday at 9AM we were called to the lanes for the second Qualifying. Were suppose to get another Qualifying in the afternoon — but that too was canceled. The golf ball sized bubble in the trailer tire had grown to Softball size and was at the bead — so we swapped it for a spare.

HRR2013Saturday we were called to the lanes at 9:30 for the first round of Eliminations — but waited quite some time before we ran. Most all of us assumed the cars would run slower from the increased temperature — but most all of us broke out from that assumption because the humidity improved more than the temperature raised. Dallas and I were 1st round runner ups — and our four day adventure ended with only 4 passes each.

We were on the road back home by 1PM, and at our shop at 1PM Sunday morning.

Again, this wasn’t a points race, and it was more of a Social Event for the drivers. We had a great time swapping lies with the other 30 Nostalgia Super Stock drivers, and a NSS Bar-B-Q in DW & Barry’s pits. Now we’re happy to be home so we can get ready for our next points race in Joliet, IL. We’d just put a new engine in the Texas Whale — so these four passes were good break-in passes for the rings to seat prior to a points race. The cars ran very good.

Dave Duell Classic 2013

Dave Duell Classic 2013 – Pre-Register & Web Redesign

I designed an updated look for the Dave Duell Classic web site this year. Check it out.

There is also a pre-registration form for those who intend to race in the DDC this year. It is not a “Set-in-Stone” commitment — but a tool to help plan pitting, dinner, class sponsors, etc. Please take a moment to submit your pre-registration.

Let’s make this year the biggest and best Dave Duell Classic to date. If you have a legal Nostalgia Super Stock car — this is the one race you must attend. There is always a big purse, and a bigger time. Details on the Saturday Class prizes, and the Sunday big purse will be announced in the near future.

If you would like to sponsor a class, have swag for the driver’s dinner, have influence with someone who would like to do either, or just have a question — there is a contact form on the DDC site to email Doug.

Last Chance for a Wally in 2012

NMCA Non-Point Race in Royal Purple Raceway in Baytown, Texas

November 9-11, 2012
Houston, Texas
Event Info

I spoke with Charlie Harmon and Steve Wolcott at the Nats in Indy, and they’ve agreed to run the NSS class, award a Wally, and have sponsor Contingencies at the upcoming Lone Star Shootout.

While the notice is short — there is still time for most to make arrangements for their last shot at a Wally. The Weather is generally very good down here in early November, and last year’s had it sunny and 75 degrees. Please Post Here if you can make it.

Pre-Register for Dave Duell Classic

I’ve put together a Pre-registration form for those that will be racing at the Dave Duell Class in Bowling Green this year. It you intend to to attend, or even there’s a good chance that you will attend, please submit the form so that proper plans can be made for pitting together and the driver’s dinner. The link is below.

This year, if I did everything right, you will hopefully get a copy of the information you submitted emailed to you — so that you will know that your information was indeed submitted to Doug Duell.

I’m a little late on getting this ready this year — so please submit your information ASAP.

Live From Bradenton

Live From Brandenton Thread

Dallas and I will be leaving in the morning to our first NSS race of the year – Bradenton, FL. We should arrive to set up our pits Thursday afternoon.

Time Trials on Friday, Qualifying on Saturday, and eliminations on Sunday. Should be back Monday night or Tuesday if there are no rain delay hold-overs.

The link at the top of the page goes to the “Live at Bradenton” thread at NSS-Racing. Here is where those with Internet access post updates, and images of time slips, qualifying ladder, and eliminations.

There will also be a link there where you can follow the runs of the NSS class or individual drivers real time. Dallas’ number is 7602 and mine is 7601.

2012 Burnout Calendar

Burn Out Calendar 2012

OK — I finally had a few hours to finish the last of the NSS wall calendars I’ll be doing until next October for the 2013 Calendar. The theme on this is smokey burnouts. I used the 13 best burnout photos I had from 2011. The below are some lo-res (so they display faster) examples of the page, but rest assure that the actual pages use high-resolution photos.

Joliet NMCA Recap

Joliet 2011 Recap

NMCA Joliet 2011

Dallas and I left Tuesday morning for Joliet, IL to get in line for a hard pit space, as they’re gone quick in this NMCA/NMRA combined race. We arrived at the track’s staging area at 3:30PM Wednesday — about 12 rigs back in line. The track started letting the drivers onto the track at about noon Thursday. We had our pit set up, credentials established, the cars teched in, and back on the trailer by 4PM.

My biggest complaint with Chicago is the tight pitting, and the lack of enforcement of diesel generator exhaust routed into the pits of others. For the third year in a row — a different NMRA toter and trailer
combo has been pitted to my right and their two diesel generators have pumped exhaust into my pit 24/7. For four days we couldn’t sit in
our pits, work in our pits, turn off our generator and open the windows of the coach, or cook on the grill because of the carbon monoxide. All of the NSS racers I see at the track show the proper consideration to get and install the exhaust extensions sold at Camping World. The NHRA has a policy for the safety of people in the pits — but the NMCA/NMRA do not enforce one. I’ve made my Complaint, however my last one was completely ignored. But I digress!

Not a good weekend for me personally. Back in Mechanicsville, my Vitamin C qualified well, but was more than 1/10 off Sunday morning in the first round of eliminations — handing Kurt Neighbor an easy win. In the first Time Trail at Joliet I was almost 2/10 slow. I took all of the weight out of the car — and was still 1/10 off in the second Time Trial. For the last Time Trial I bumped the timing from 32 to 35 and ran my number. In the first round of qualifying the motor didn’t sound right as I crossed the line, and so I shut down and had towed back to the pit. I thought it was a rocker or push rod — but all looked well when we pulled off the valve covers. Then we noticed a drop of water from the #3 spark plug.
Pulling the plug had about an ounce of water come out. We hoped for a blown head gasket — but after pulling the head and dropping the #3 piston in the hole — we saw water dripping from the cylinder wall on top of the piston. So I was done for the event. After being pushed back in the Semis in Bradenton for 6 drops of clean water, going -.002 red in the first round of Atlanta, and the car not running the number in the first round in Mechanicsville — I don’t have a prayer for the Points Championship this year. Not a good year at all for me.

The Blow by Blow reporting from the track and the final qualifying ranking, ladder and the round results can be found at the Joliet Live thread at the NSS Forum. Fast Forward to the Finals — it was the battle of the Dougs — Doug Duell and Doug Poskevitch, with Duell turning on the “Stupid Light” and giving Poskevitch the win.

NMCA Joliet 2011

Dallas’ car was also having a problem running the number — even with the seat removed. On the way home we dropped it off in Evansville, In to have the hood (Dallas forgot to put the hood pins in at Mechanicsville and the body guy down sucked at fixing it) properly mounted, and look at why the Vacuum Pump is blowing oil everywhere. Dallas will go up to run the car in Chandler in a couple of weeks, and bring it back to have the hood prepped and painted. I’ll most likely run it at the Dave Duell Classic — as the money for FX is big.


We arrived home at Monday night at 10PM, and by Wednesday 10AM the engine from the Vitamin C had been pulled and disassembled. By noon, the block and crank were at the machinist to be Sonic’d and Magnafluxed. We’re hoping that we can resleeve the block and reusing the crank, pistons, cam, and crank. I was planning to run the Texas Whale next year, and was planning to freshenup the Vitamin C this year — and have it as a backup to the cars Dallas and run next year. It looks like that we’ll be doing the Freshen up now. I ran the Vitamin C this year because it is dead nuts on consistent, and I felt my best chance for a ring — as opposed to T&Ting a new car. Now that my chance for the ring is hopeless (unless I was to ACE the next three races and three people fell on their faces – Fat Chance) I’ll use Milan and Indy to work out any wrinkles in the Whale.

The below are a few NSS photos from Joliet — you will find 80 photos by clicking here.

NMCA Joliet 2011

NMCA Joliet 2011

NMCA Joliet 2011

NMCA Joliet 2011

NMCA Joliet 2011

NMCA Joliet 2011

NMCA Joliet 2011

NMCA Joliet 2011

NMCA Joliet 2011

NMCA Joliet 2011

NMCA Joliet 2011

NMCA Joliet 2011

NMCA Joliet 2011

NMCA Joliet 2011



NMCA Race in Atlanta

NSS Racing At NMCA's Race #2 in Atlanta


The following is recap of my personal perspective of NMCA's NSS event in Atlanta, GA this last week. Before every event, we create a thread for the event on the Nostalgia Drag Racer's forum — so people can post their version of the play-by-play of the event. I invite all attending the race to please post your perspective of it there. As I write this, the play-by-play of how the Atlanta Event went can be found by CLICKING HERE.

The motorhome and trailer were cleaned and made ready Monday; and Tuesday we loaded up the cars and supplies for the trip. I bought the Vitamin C (which I'll run the NMCA races in) and Dallas had the black Coronet. Dallas and I pulled out of the shop at 9:30 Wednesday morning, and the 925 mile trip to Commerce, GA was uneventful. — which is always good. We paid an average of $4.08 gallon for diesel — and the total for the round trip and generator ran about $1900 in diesel. We arrived at the track at 2:30 in the morning — and the 12th in  line in the staging area.

Thursday morning had Barry banging on the door at 6:30Am to get Dallas' dog barking — and me out of bed. Coffee, breakfast, shower — and I was outside by 8AM — shooting the bull with the other drivers. At about noon there were about 70 rigs staged — and they started to let us in. Lynnwood "Cowboy" Dupree took good care of us — and selected for us a good pit where our rig was facing in one direction, and Doug Duell's rig (we pit together) facing the other way — giving us a large shared pit between us. We set up pits, established credentials, and had the cars teched in by 3PM. There was no racing Thursday — so we put the cars away for the night.

Friday NMCA's plan was to have TT from 9AM-to noon and then get two qualifying rounds in. I was one of the first ones to go down the track. The track was horrible — with most all of the cars spinning badly. I was almost 2/10 second off — all in the first 1/8. Doug had to abort his TT run from getting loose. I asked Dallas to wait a little before going down. Charlie Harmon (the event promoter) rode by to visit, and we told him the track was bad — and he radioed for them to fix it. Dallas was one of the last to go down the track in TT. Because this was a combined NMCA, NMRA, LSX, TS, and Brackets race — we only got one Time Trial, and that's why they wanted to have two Qualifying on Friday.

My first Qualifying was at 1:39PM. I'd taken some weight out, but my 60's were way off and I was still almost a 1/10 slow.


In the previous 20 NMCA races I've run, they ask your Index while in Tech, and then when you have your first qualifying they come through the staging lanes and verify with you before your first pass. That didn't happen this time — which caused two phases of drama later. Despite my car having a big C/NSS on all four windows — I and many others were just arbitrarily lumped into A/NSS. Phase one was most of us storming up to the tower to get it fixed after the first Qualifying pass — but the phase two of the drama were the drivers who ignored that until they'd made all three passes. NMCA gave those people a Mulligan — and changed their Index after they'd finished all of their qualifying rounds. 16 NSS cars had come to the event and made the first qualifying round. Remarkably — all 16 also made it through the event — with no breakage or oil downs in NSS. I hope NMCA took note that not a one of us were the cause of track delays.

Round two of qualifying occurred at 6PM because of the high number of wrecks and oil downs — and the lack of hustle in the track staff to get them off the track and cleaned up. There must be a Union dispute — as they mostly looked like a group of orange vested road crew looking at one guy in a hole with a shovel. The schedule was about 3 hours behind when I ran Dallas in the second quallifying. As you can see from the below — despite taking more weight out — I was still not keeping up with the weather change, and I was still spinning. All weekend long — the left lane was having most of the problems. I really wish we would have had more than on TT to get the cars right.


There was a pretty bad storm over night — but the rain stopped at about 2 am. At 9AM, I rode down to look at the track, and while dry — they were scrapping the starting line (which needed it) at a very slow pace, which sucked as there was still three hours of last night's qualifying still needing to be finished. I have to say here and now that NMCA looked to be busting ass — but the Atlanta track staff didn't have their heart into it at all. The first cars started going down the track in the afternoon — and our third qualifying happened at 3:30PM in a pretty strong headwind. Just past the bleachers a strong cross wind (which had been causing problems with the Pro Thug car's chutes tangling all day) caused me to move my right hand to the wheel for the first time in many years. This same wind had Warren Johnson flip his Pro Stock car a couple of days earlier at this track. The below is my ticket — still too slow.


That .031 put me the number 9 qualifier — and naturally that means I again take on the number 1 qualifier Brian Merrick. I hate Sportsman ladders. I think 1 should take 16, 2 should take 15, and so on. It makes no since that 9 takes on 1 and 15 takes on 7.


The plan called for Eliminations to start Saturday — but that never happened. Shortly after we ran — a fuel line popped off a car at the starting line and flopped around with no one getting to the battery cut off — and the resulting fire killed the rest of the day. The 3rd qualifying was the only pass NSS made the entire day.


By Sunday morning, the event was maybe 5 hours behind — and Sunday is Bracket Day. We initially thought we'd be running our first pass at 10AM — but we soon were told it would be closer to 2PM. That looked like it could be pushed closer to 5PM with all of the track problems. The crew were acting like babies slamming mops around and then it appeared many of them flat disappeared. I observed Trey (who works for the NMCA) swinging a mop at the line. Doug called up to Charlie Harmon that NSS was getting impatient — and they changed the schedule to where our first eliminations occurred at 3PM.


I went -.003 red against Merrick, Dallas beat Vise, Duell beat a 67 Ford GTA, Camp beat Bates, Ray beat Hopkins, Neighbor beat Poskevitch, Young beat Davis, and Wilson beat Sanders.


The next round went quick with Duell, Wilson, Neighbor and Merrick going to the Semis. At 8:30 they called NSS to the line for the Semis. By then the track had gone to hell, and the left lane was having a lot of drama. Wrecks, oil downs and few cars were making it down the track with a decent run. They decided to run all of the heads up classes first before the track got too crazy — and Dallas and I decided it was too late to wait any longer — and pulled out of the track at 9:30. It was 10:30 when Doug returned my calls on who had won. It turns out that after watching no one getting down the left lane — that the four remaining drivers in NSS didn't want to risk wrecking their cars — and agreed to just split the remaining prize money 4 ways ($425 each). Word is that NMCA wasn't real happy with this plan — and their official news item of what happened is: "Indy Cylinder Heads Nostalgia Super Stock had Brian Merrick at the top of the qualifying ladder. On elimination day, due to a late evening, the final four racers (Brian Merrick, Doug Duell, Kurt Neighbor, and Steve Wilson) decided to split the points and the prize money for the weekend.", making it sound more like it was past the bed time of old men rather than the track was shit.


Dallas and I drove all night — and were back home at 1PM yesterday. Cars, trailer and motorhome was unloaded by 3PM.

In a nutshell, while many feel that NMCA might have bitten of more than they can chew with so many classes racing — I've seen this pulled of at tracks with a good staff. I feel it could have been pulled off at many tracks we run at — but it is the competency of the track personnel that make it or break it. Atlanta was not up to the challenge. Quite a few have blamed NMCA for this — but I watched them all hustle while the track people leaning on their mops. Why not replace Atlanta with a Texas track?