Getting Ready For Commerce

Rusty, chrome plated, Stamped Steel Dana cover was replaced with reinforced cast aluminum. Good thing as only about of quart of heavy weight came out. Gears looked good and added three quarts of 85/140. Also replaced the fuel filter element.

There has been a thud coming from under the passenger floor pan on launch, and when lifting after burnout or top of track. Suspect the headers and suspension were coming in contact. A little heat and a ball-pean hammer made the proper adjustment.

Since I bought the car, my oil gauge has been under the dash and I’ve not had a Volt gauge. I ordered a Volt gauge and a pod yesterday at about 2:30 from Summit Pro Shop, and was shocked that t arrived at 10:30 this morning. The oil pressure gauge was moved up to cowl and the Volt gauge filled its space under the dash.

She just needs to get washed up, loaded up, and we’ll be on the road a 5am next Wednesday morning – and hopefully in staging area by midnight.

Going to Modman

Replaced the Cross Ram on Vitamin C with a Port-Matched Modman, mainly because it was too much of a PITA to get valve covers off with Cross Ram.

Pulled drivers glass out to get a new one made. It cracked while in Bradenton.

The lights are now working on the Thug.

Vitamin C and Thug

Today at the shop, I unloaded Vitamin C and golf cart. The Whale was moved from lift bay so Vitamin C can go on lift.

Pulled cross Ram intake off Vitamin C to put STR14 on, and learned that the Str 14 ports won’t work on a Max Wedge.

Looked at the ModMan intake on my 65 Post car that I want to make into a A990 clone, and will swap that on to the Vitamin C. The Valve covers had a lot of milk on the inside. Got concerned but oil looked good when drained.

Pressure checked radiator and it held pressure with a very little milkiness coming out of a head bolt. Hopefully a little Liquid Glass will seal that up. The car has been going through some major temperature and humidity changes in last couple of months so I’m sure that’s where the milky oil cane from. The Vitamin C still needs to have the valves run after a fresh 10 quarts of 20-50 conventional oil put in, and a half pint of liquid glass in radiator to seal any minor leak. We’ll check it again and change to Synthetic after Atlanta in a couple weeks.

On Thug, checked and adjusted Caster, filled up rear end with Royal Purple gear lube, checked all nuts under the car, finished everything under hood, cut up a near perfect grill to make a two headlight A990, and wired the head lights.

After my daughter was finished cleaning the coach, she washed all of the weights and I hit them with two coats of primer and a coat of hammered tone Grey. I still need to hit with another coat of paint, weigh and mark with the weight. I was tired of dirty hands from the raw cast iron when handling.

Sorted through three sets of Big Block Hooker Comp headers and two sets of small block. I’ll keep the better set of coated comps and sell the set needing repair and the smaller tube Street/Strip. The small block are crap so they went into scrap pile.

Tomorrow is packing day at the Katy house as the movers will be here 9am Thursday to take a truckload to lake house.

Bradenton 2018

The following is a recap of the Vitamin C at NMCA’s first race of the year.

I originally had hoped to have the Texas Thug ready for this race. However, about a month ago I realized there just wasn’t enough time to finish and test a new car, zo the thrash was on to build an engine to replace the one I’d blown in the Vitamin C late last year. All of that has been pretty much documented in the last couple posts. The difference between the cars being that everything but the engine had already been tested in the Vitamin C, vs. everything being new and untested in the Thug. The Vitamin C was finished just in time, with the only testing being on the 35 mph country road the shop is on.

So the plan was to load up Monday and leave Tuesday morning. However, I was told Sunday that I could get in on renting the track for testing on Wednesday, but I’d have to get on the track 6 pm Tuesday night or I’d have to pass on testing and not be able get on the track until Thursday. I returned from the lake Sunday night and got to the shop with a week’s worth of clothes, groceries, and Buster early Monday.

I pulled out of the shop at 1 pm for the start of my 1100+ mile trek.

When I got to Lake Charles, LA I sat on I10 for over an hour while they cleared an accident.

I made it as far as Mississippi Monday night, staying at the NASA Rest area. Up early Tuesday to drive the final 700 miles in a hard rain, high winds and heavy/slow traffic. I had to stop in Ocala to drop of some leather power seats from my Magnum to someone who’d bought it on eBay.

I didn’t get to the track until 7 pm, but I know someone who knows someone…

Wednesday, I got up early to set up my pit, and pay the track. Also testing was Leah Pritchett, and Buster and I were able to get a “Selfie” with her.

The first pass off the trailer was a 10.93, but was sluggish off the line while charging hard on the top end.

I made some minor adjustments and had about the same results on second pass. I use to run 650 CFM carbs on the car, but had put a pair of 750s on this motor. I wasn’t sure if the carbs and/or jets were too big for the small 440 ci motor or if I had a vacuum leak. I didn’t see an obvious cause of a leak, but when I put a wrench on the 8 nuts holding the carbs down, and 3 were a little loose.

My third pass gave me a 10.773 time slip, and the car felt good, but the car launched like a Chevy with the left wheel higher than the right. See below photo.

I spent the next three passes playing with shock settings to even out the left/right on the launch, and with launch RPMs for the best 60′. All of those passes were 9.77-9.78.  The track closed down for the day and I didn’t have a chance to test with weight to get to my 11.00 index.

Thursday I teched the car in and established driver credentials. They had open Time Trials, but you only get two hits and wait hours for it, so I passed – and instead cleaned the coach and trailer. Thursday night there was a little soiree for NSS Racers at Doug Duell’s house.

Friday we had one Time Trial and one Qualifying hits. I took a wild swing at weight in the 8:45 am time trial and did 11.01. The first Qualifying was in the afternoon, and even though I added another 75 pounds, I was too fast at 10.989.

Saturday Qualifying 2 was again at 8:45 am. I threw all the weight I could at the car to make sure I’d no way be too fast. The car ran an 11.08, which boosted me number 10 of 20.  In the final qualifying I went for broke, and dialed in to hit an 10.999-11.000 by removing about 100 pounds. For some unexplained reason the car ran a 11.08 again. An inexpiable fluke. That bumped me down to number 12, and instead of racing number 20, I was paired with #2 in Eliminations Sunday.

It rained all Saturday night, and the planned 8:30 am call for the first round of Eliminations didn’t happen until 10:30. I had the car set up for a 10.98 so I could play the stripe. However, I fell asleep at the tree and my opponent didn’t. My only hope was to push him to break out. I hit the brakes at the last minute, but so did he.

While I screwed up on my reaction time, the car did well. “Run Completion” said the car would have ran a 10.98 had I not hit the brakes (maybe too soon).

I loaded up, showered and was on the road by 2 pm, only getting as far as Quincy, FL (350 miles) as it was raining and I needed to find a place to park for the night.

Up again a 5 am and home at 8 pm. I’ve left the car in the stacker as I have anther race in San Antonio this weekend, and too much to do between now and then

New Engine in Vitamin C

Late last year I blew up the engine in the Vitamin C. So I sent a 440 block to the machinist to do his magic, and ordered an Eagle stock stroke 8-bolt steel crank, a set of Eagle H-Beam Rods with ARP 2000 bolts, Probe Dome Top pistons, Coyles 9-way timing set, and all the necessary rings, bearings, head bolts and gaskets. Also sent the heads to be machined with new valves and guides installed.

Yesterday we stabbed it into the Vitamin C. We mated the engine and trans and tried to stab in as a unit, but after an hour and half of jacking up and down each and both ends of car, and angling the engine as much as 45 degrees – the Cross Ram Intake and Charlies oil pan wouldn’t allow it to happen. So engine was yanked back out and transmission detached for a second shot a it.

Then, we realized that we had the Whale’s motor plate on, so that delayed things while it had to be changed to the Vitamin C’s.

Finally got the motor in, transmission and driveshaft attached, starter motor and headers on, radiator and distributor in – before calling quits for the night. This weekend I’ll be recovering!

Early next week I’ll get plugs and wires on, shifter and carburetors attached,  fluids in the motor and trans, and electrical connections made – so it can be started and tuned. A couple miles of terrorizing the cattle and chickens on my country roads to break motor in a little (while trying to avoid running into Rosco P. Coltrane.), and then run the valves again.

Also finished the trunk on the Texas Thug. New 1/8″ Aluminum plate for solid floor, six cans of black and green spatter paint, new 5 gal fuel cell on a raised munt I fabricated, new battery hold downs for dual 16v batteries, and a pair of custom made aluminum weight boxes. I ran new 1/0 red cable from front to switch, new 1/0 from switch to battery, new 1/0 cables from charging lugs to battery, and new 1/0 cables between batteries. I have each battery running to its own ground and a ground from negative charging lug. Still have to run fuel system next week. You can read whole story of the building this car at



Could you use a web site like this

If you’re interested in having a web site similar to this, its very easy – requiring no computer knowledge. If you can post on Facebook, you’re over qualified to create a web site like this.  Here’s how I did it:

  1. Click Here to Check availability and register Domain Name. it costs about $10 year
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  3. Log into your Control Panel and there is an application installer called Installtron, clck it and select WordPress. It will automatically install it.
  4. Log into WordPress and change the cover ohoto to one you like, and post your context.

Its just that simple!

Took Vitamin C To Track Last Night

Put a spare 580ci motor into the Vitamin C and a Dallas built transmission. Track had no prep and car did a lot of tire spinning down the track. clicked off a pair of 10.05 with horrible 60s on greasy track and bad air. This is the first pass. Second pass was giant wheel stand without the bounce but not video’d. Figures. Car is pretty heavy at 3800+ with me. Zero fiberglass, zero Lexan, Dana rear… and very small (29″ because MT didn’t have any 31″ when I needed slicks in Bradenton) slicks. Pretty happy with the car. Is easily a 9.7 car with a little tuning, converter change and 31″ slicks, and good track.

It will be the back up and raced locally while I race the Whale this year and finish the Thug (well under way). Next year I’ll run the Thug while the Whale is totally rebuilt, like the Thug is being. When Whale finished the Thug will be back up and the Vitamin C will be totally rebuilt and go on a severe diet to get drop about 500 pounds.

Hope graduates High School next year and we might see about getting her in a car, depending on college situation.

Fight The Black Hand


A small club a of a couple dozen members going by the name of Nostalgia Super Stock, Inc., put a registered trademark on the terms “NSS” and “Nostalgia Super Stock” – despite the fact that maybe better than 1000 racers have raced hundreds of Nostalgia Super Stock Races, at dozens of tracks in the last 25 years.

If you go to this club’s site at, you will see that they have place their trademark there. You will also find a link to their member email addresses if you’d like to communicate your feelings to them, and lists of  sponsors and events/tracks if you would like to communicate with them.

The below links show the trademarks.

We Will Rule The World All Of Nostalgia Super Stock


While all club members are guilty of allowing this to happen, it appears to be the brainchild of Club Secretary Bob Wilkiewicz, and Club President Rich Berlisk. They recently approached a Doug Duell, who administers Dave Duell Classic and and a member of the National Rules Committee (also trademarked by this club – so all members resigned to form a new rules committee), and informed him of the trademark and their intention of licensing (aka shaking Down) all organizations, promoters, websites, clubs… with both fees and other “requirements”.

More recently, the shakedown has begun with at least one promoter (NMCA) receiving a letter to contact them about licensing requirements.

Initial reaction to many was to drop or rename the class instead of wetting the beak of trademark trolls/squatters, but only the weak cave. A specialist trademark attorney has reviewed the applications the club made, and other documentation of the use of the terms – and while we don’t want to show his complete hand – it is obvious that those trademarks should never have been granted and it is a certainty that revocation will be granted.

The way of most common sense and least cost to all (including the club) would be for them to issue a public apology to all NSS Racers and to surrender the trademark back to the Patent and Trademark office as being they had recently realized (save face avoid fraud) that they are widely used over a long period descriptive terms, and should never be registered trademarks. However, like Pinky and the Brain, narcissistic domination of the class stands in the way of common sense and they’ve refused. Their strategy is to stand by the line that they’re just protecting the name from evil (kettle calling pot black) and they’re all about education – at least until the dust settles.

Well the dust shouldn’t settle until no one has the ability to misuse these terms for their ego and the extortion by licensing of the many outside their little club. So after legal consultation, the next step is to file a legal protest to the Patent and Trademark Office with the many examples of why the application wasn’t proper, and the many reasons the registration of the trademarks need to be immediately revoked. This will cost roughly $5,000 in filing and legal fees.  Doug Duell and Dave Schultz have stepped up and pledged $500 each, and feel that another eight organizations and well healed NSS racers will also step forward to do the same. If you are willing to be one of the ten helping to right this wrong, contact Doug or Dave.

While the lawyer feels that this will be a slam-dunk once filed, there’s never 100% certainty when you have Federal Bureaucracy involved. If unsuccessful, then a suit filed in the Federal Court of Milwaukee, against the club and certain members will be required, costing the club member and the petitioner in the $100,000+ each range. We feel we also have that covered, but hopefully it will not go that far.

What NSS drivers can do in the meantime is contact the club’s members, as there certainly must be a few feeling this is wrong and don’t want any part of the shitstorm about to happen.  Contact their sponsors who may not be happy of associating with a club using the tactics of the Black Hand. Contact the promoters and tracks to let them know who they’re associating with. Contact car and racing magazines, both print and Internet (even racing forums) to have them post the start of what could be a horrible trend to other classes like Nostalgia Muscle Car, Pro Mod, Nostalgia Funny Car, Nostalgia Pro Stock – or even “Bracket Racing”. No club should be allowed to try to own a widely promoted class of drag racing, and an example needs to be made of any club that does try. Regardless of any other differences, we need a united front of Clubs, Promoters, and drag racers to come together on this cause.

More information can be found at:


2015 Dave Duell Classic

Sponsor Report of the MoparStyle Race Team

By Dave Schultz
May 19, 2015

11096413_894869713892202_3811430319538728193_nThis was the 10th Dave Duell Classic — arguably the biggest and best of the Nostalgia Super Stock events. The race honors Dave Duell, who was the coordinator of Nostalgia Super Stock at the Monster Mopar since the early 90s. He died in December of 2005 and the race was renamed the Dave Duell Classic for 2006. While the race moved from the Monster Mopar Weekend to NMCA about five years ago — it is still the big event of the year with Class Eliminations, Driver’s Dinner with Swag raffled out, and a $4000 purse for the Sunday Big Show. Dave’s son (and fellow Team Thug member) Doug Duell now administers this event with NMCA. Doug is my best racing bud and we pit together at the races. Dave Duell got me into NSS back at a race in 2003. I won Class (C/FX) for the first DDC in Big Red Ram, and a couple of other classes in the Vitamin C (C/NSS) and the black Coronet (A/NSS) since. I have yet to win the FX Class in my two attempts at the wheel of the Whale. Dallas has twice won the FX Shootout.

We left Wednesday morning and got as far as Jackson, TN before midnight. We got up at 6:30 Thursday and arrived at the track at noon. Despite the fact that I had a new untested motor in my car and Dallas had made numerous changes to his car — we elected to not pay $150 to make a couple of test hits — and simply established credentials and teched the cars in Thursday. I was very surprised that my Texas Whale was on the Event’s T-Shirt this year. The Chevy guys say it makes a great oil rag.

11270283_10204088782075563_8533053166417248081_oFriday morning I made 4 test hits on my car and Dallas made three on his. On the first Qualifying run we were both too fast for our 9.75 Index — both running an identical 9.669 (with Dallas having a faster MPH). On the 2nd Qualifying pass I was able to slow it down to 9.759 — giving me 6th of 54 in Qualifying. Dallas was still having issues with a consistent 60′ on his car (we now feel like it has to be the convertor he’d borrowed to see if it would make his car faster) and was in the 9.8s — putting him to 33rd.

DDC2015-1small ddc2015-small DDC2015-2smallI was looking forward to pushing it for the 3rd and 4th qualifying to make my 4th Top Qualifier in a row – but the rain came Saturday and the 3rd and 4th Qualifying were cancelled, and the FX Shootout was rescheduled for the Indy race. The Driver’s dinner on Saturday night was moved up a couple of hours to fit in between storms. I took a lot of photos at the dinner, which I’ll post on this site later in the week — after getting caught up from being away for a week.

11110898_10205730379874243_4689310113441504593_oThe first two pits in the above photo were ours and Duell’s. We pit together parking in opposite directions to share a pit patio for dinners. The top of the Whale can be seen in the SE corner of the photo. 54 NSS cars creates a very long pair of lines. 11053108_679401325538192_1611926501477513500_nYou would think with 54 racers that there would be no chance that Dallas and I have to race each other in the 1st round — but Nooooo, for the 4th time in ten races we had to race each other in the 1st round. On a Sportsman ladder with 54 cars — 6 races 33.

11059766_10205639936615623_5234548666232238736_nI won that first round — as Dallas’ car just wouldn’t 60′. Dallas would line me up (below) in round two against 00Joe. I’ve been 00’s bitch in our other two races — but I came out on top this time when he took too much stripe on a double breakout.

11110445_680392718760892_3287576385754910628_o 11232291_680392695427561_2563674437703185049_o 10847760_680392672094230_5574045006986680328_o DSC_7880In the third round I was facing Russ Konkowski, who’d just came off a near perfect round. We both pressed the tree and his -.006 was worst than my -.003. He had to leave 3/4 second before me so I don’t know if his red bulb distracted me and made me go — or if I’d gone red anyway. I’d been fairly good on the tree for most of my passes this weekend.

DSC03964DSC03965DSC03966Then the rain came down hard with 3 rounds left to go. A couple of hours later the remaining rounds were postponed until Indy. Indy is going to be busy with the postponed FX shootout, the finish of the Dave Duell Classic, and the normal Indy race. Sounds like a lot of passes — and a couple prayers that the car will stay together from the hot laps. On top of that – we’ll come a day early to wear the cars out even more. The below is the remainder of the ladder for the Dave Duell Classic.

11180630_10205651453743544_8020317347222072281_nWe left the track at 2:30 and drove to a truck stop to watch (in a storm) the Houston Rockets win the series against the LA Clippers. We arrived at Walmart in Jackson, TN at about 10PM to park for the night. Up at 6:30 — and back to the shop in Richmond, TX at 7PM.

Again I’d like to thank the sponsors who have helped us (in order of how long they’ve helped us): Mancini Racing since 2003 (an account for parts); TTI since 2011 (headers on three cars – had to go custom on the Whale as no one makes); Fuelabs since 2013 (fuel systems on the Whale and Big Red Ram); Aerospace Components since 2015 (Brakes on the Texas Thug — but we have their vacuum pumps on all of our cars and their brakes on my Whale); and ATI since 2015 (convertor on my car – and we run their balancers on all motors). They say the quickest way to become a Millionaire in drag racing is to start out as a Billionaire. We appreciate our sponsors delaying how fast we go broke from our living the dream as father and son drag racing.

Sponsor Report – Atlanta 2015

From NMCA’s coverage:


Two cars running number one in the same class doesn’t quite make sense, does it? ATI Performance Nostalgia Super Stock racer Dave Schultz set the qualifying pace for the class on Saturday, but not behind the wheel of his ’60 Plymouth wagon. The big beast suffered engine problems during a time trial earlier, and Dave’s son, Dallas, offered up his ’65 Dodge Coronet to keep his dad in the points chase. “The last time I raced Dallas’ car was eight years ago, when it had a four-speed,” said the elder Schultz. “It has an automatic trans in it now.”

That was the story on Sunday morning, and here is the story before and after Sunday.

We were loaded up and left the shop at 9am on Wednesday — arriving at Atlanta Dragway at 3 am Thursday. The track let racers pit at noon Thursday and we set up, established credentials and teched the cars in through the afternoon.

Dallas’ car hadn’t performed well since we stuffed a new bullet into it, but we thought we’d finally found the issue after Bradenton. Sadly we didn’t and there was only one opportunity for a Time Trial before the rain hit Friday morning. When it stopped they went into Qualifying. His car launches like a dog — then takes off like a raped ape. We thought is was fuel and changed carbs, fuel pump, and fuel filters; but that didn’t resolve anything. We also changed the converter — and that too didn’t change anything. We now suspect it to be ignition (taking timing out after the launch) and will change the box and distributor this weekend. Flat ran out of time before Qualifying because of the rain.

I got my car in line as soon as they opened the lanes — and it ran a nice 9.60 without weight — perfect for my 9.75 Index. I was able to hot lap it back in line with weight — and ran a 9.749 — but when I checked my gauges at the top of the track I had zero oil pressure. We towed the car to the pits for Dallas to pull the distributor and bronze pump gear — only to find the shaft snapped. It and the bushing were ground up pretty good. I suspect something went through the oil pump and that caused it to snap. I only have 40 passes on the motor. Anyway since I look at the gauge before I stage and can’t look at it again until I cross the line — I don’t know how long I was without pressure. The engine sounded good — but I have trash in it and need to have it torn down and freshened as I rather pay $5,000 than have a $25,000 loss like the last engine.

11088237_10203903730049378_5474640193049882831_nSo here we are with my engine blown right before Qualifying and Dallas’ car having a mysterious Gremlin that has it launch like a 13-second car and second half the Quarter like 9-second car.

Dallas told me he was frustrated with trying to run his car as it wouldn’t be competitive — and since I was fourth in points after Bradenton — he offered to withdraw so I could qualify in it and be counted with those points and a first round loser (as the car wasn’t expected to get further). After ensuring that he was serious and really was good with it — we went to the tower to take him out, put me in, change Index to 10.0 and put a #1 on the car. Thanks boy — I’ll return the favor if we’re ever in the reverse situation.

The first round of Qualifying happened at 2PM Friday. To make a long story short — I went 10.000 in that round, guarantying me the Top Qualifier for the second race in a row, and the small points coming with it.

11102755_10203904235142005_2543996142353630981_nFor the other two Qualifying passes I ran a pair of 10.03s, and the only reason I even ran them was to try to figure out how to get a better reaction time on a sick car.

11152351_10203908027076801_2739120832694921043_nThe first round of Eliminations was early Sunday morning, and I was paired against Geary Bates – who is a great racer, and who was running dead on. I’d set the car up to do a 9.90 so I could play the stripe. We both had decent lights — but mine was a little more decent. Because the car launches sick (which I forgot to mention to Geary), he didn’t see me at the mph cone and lifted for a 10.55 on a 10.50 index. I sped by and applied a little brake (trimming 17 mph) to cross the line at 10.03 and get the win light. We did the math and his car would have done a 10.50x and mine would have done a 10.001 – so I would have won anyway if we’d stayed in it — as I had a .020 better light.

For Round Two I was paired with TD Holland. I didn’t have a good light and TD had a .012 light and ran a 10.003 for a .015 package from perfect. He got the bye from my Top Qualifying Position and ran Doug Duell in the finals — where he had an .005 light and ran a 10.003 again for a .008 package. When you’re hot – you’re hot. That will be the second time this year that the guy who beat me got a bye in the next round, and then won the event.

We got back home (930 miles) Monday afternoon — and Dallas is busy getting things fixed (spare engine in my car – new ignition in his) so we can test both cars before the Dave Duell Classic next month.

Again, thanks to my Product sponsors TTI Exhaust, Mancinni Racing, Fuelabs, ATI and Aerospace Components for their help.

While on that subject — I want to talk brakes. The last time I raced the Big Red Ram was about 8 years ago — and it was a stick shift. It has Wilwood Brakes, as did the black car — and I never felt like either car stopped as well as they should. I have Aerospace Components brakes on the Vitamin C and the Whale, which are the two cars I’ve been racing in the last few years — and got very use to them. While driving Dallas’ car (which do have relatively new rotors and pads) I realized that it doesn’t stop near as well (both distance and smoothness) despite it being lighter and going slower than my wagon did. This really has me sold on Aerospace’s brakes. They’ve sponsored the brakes on the Texas Thug, which is in the process of being restored to be a backup car so the Vitamin C can be restored. That leaves Dallas needing to save up to replace his brakes — which I don’t expect to be soon since he’ll be getting married in October.

We run Aerospace Components Vacuum pumps on all of the cars, which I bought before a sponsorship. I mainly did that because the billet looks better under the hood, and the kits are easier to R&R. I originally bought two as factory rebuilds on eBay (Aerospace Components the seller) for my wagon and the Vitamin C. I liked them so much I sold the Moroso on the Coronets and bought three new ones when they were running a sale. I mention this to those needing brakes on fast cars — so they get the best the first time. Also a vacuum pump can be worth as much as 30 hp on a quick car. I received a flier in my email telling of a 15% discount and free shipping going until end of the month. This might be the time for some of y’all to upgrade to the better stuff. Tell them Dave Schultz sent you when you call.