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Dave 'Old Hippie' Schultz

Keeper of the Flame (Inside Joke)

From Competition Plus Magazine

The eldest of eight children, Dave was born in Detroit, Michigan — but moved to Texas in 1960.


In 1972 (days after turning 17), expelled from school and in constant trouble with the law; Dave enlisted in the US Air Force, where his duties were as a truck driver. He feels that his military service gave him the structure, loyalty, discipline, understanding of teamwork, and the paying attention to detail — which has benefitted him ever since. Most of the GIs in the Motor Pool had the fastest cars on the base — and Dave did a lot of racing on and off the track in that era.


Upon Honorable Discharge from the USAF, Dave worked as a truck driver, cab driver, carpet cleaner, vacuum cleaner repairman, bill collector, mail machine repairman, computer terminal and printer repairman, and computer salesman. Dave married in the 70s (and is still married to Deb — in their 4th decade together), went to college evenings (under the GI Bill), started a family (which includes five children), worked his way up to becoming a successful business executive, and ultimately owned and operated quite a few successful businesses.


For a while, both racing and motorcycles took a back seat to family and business. Dave has always had a collection of fast street cars, and did race some in the 80s on Trophy Night (Wednesdays at HRP).  It is also alleged that he was often involved with illegal street racing in Houston with a 70 Cuda, and 89 Mustang GT.


In 1998, Dave sold the largest of his businesses and semi-retired — meaning he cut his hours down to 60 per week. His car and motorcycle collection grew, his nest started to empty, and in 2002 the racing bug bit him again — so he bought an 11-second red 65 Coronet bracket car to get back into drag racing legally.


In 2003, he bought the 70 Superbird Pro Mod car called the "Texas Big Bird", and while the car was at the 2003 Monster Mopar Weekend making "Exhibition Runs" — he was introduced to Nostalgia Super Stock. This was the type of cars he watched and loved as a kid — and the moment was his racing epiphany. It was also on this trip that his son 15-year-old Dallas (who obtained his Texas Drivers license weeks after turning 15 and had driven the motorhome pulling a Durango to the Monster Mopar Weekend) asked to start racing.


The red Coronet was sent to Mark Artis and Damon Kuhn at Texas Thunder Performance, where it was converted into a NSS legal car — and became the Big Red Ram. During the same period, Dallas and Dave built Dallas a 72 Demon (legal for the Nostalgia Muscle Car class), and they both went to Frank Hawley's Driving School to obtain the require racing licenses to race between 7.50 and 9.99 seconds in the quarter mile. They raced in the Texas Outsider Series in 2004 through 2006; and in 2007 Dave started running in the NMCA's point series. Dallas followed a year later.


For 2010, Dallas has moved into the NSS class from NMC with a 9-second black 65 Coronet. Original plans were for Dave to run an automatic (the Big Red Ram is a Jerico 4-speed) 60 Plymouth 2-door wagon (called the Texas Whale) for the 2010 NMCA Points series, and the Big Red Ram as a backup (and in other non-points events). Dave felt that his best shot at the points championship would be to run an automatic — as the consistency of a 4-speed goes as the track does. The wagon wasn't quite ready for the 2010 — and running a pair of 9-second cars is not only costly — but difficult to keep in race ready condition. It was decided that a back up car was needed until the Texas Whale would be ready — and the Vitamin C car was purchased.  As as it is an an automatic and less extreme (IE: doesn't break as often), Dave made the decision to run the Vitamin C as the points car for 2010, and run the Big Red Ram at non point events like Monster Mopar Weekend and Mopars at the Motorplex. Hopefully the Whale will be ready and sorted out for Dave to run in 2011, and Dallas might run the Vitamin C while a 60 Plymouth hardtop is prepared for him.


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